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Kids photographer in Pune - Vedant's - 4 year old boy photo shoot

     When I met Vedant for the first time in April 2014 for his baby photo shoot, he was a 6 month old baby boy. He was a very happy and playful child. I went to their home for the photo session carrying a few props with me.  At the time I didn't have as many as I have now :)

baby photographer in Pune

     You can find more pictures from Vedant's  photo shoot here.

     It was a nice surprise when I got an email from Vedant's mom a few years later. She wanted to book a family photo session. Baby boy was already a 4 year old. They wanted a studio and a sunny garden photo session. It was monsoon and was raining quite a lot. Even when there was no rain the sky was overcast and cloudy. We could do the studio session in August, but once we were ready to go to the garden it was raining, so the garden session was postponed for a later date in hopes of better weather.

     Both Vedant's parents have a tight schedule, so we could plan time for photography only on Saturdays.  Due to this, time and weather only matched in November. We had a really nice sunny evening in the forest, had a nice walk in the fresh air on outskirts of Pune. However we couldn't avoid mosquitoes and spiders which love nature :)

     Vedant's favorite color is orange, so we incorporated clothes and props in this color to keep the memories for a lifetime. I strongly believe that these pictures will remind him a lot of his childhood when he grows up!

     While he was a happy and smiling baby boy of 6 months, he became quite a moody personality when he was 4 years old, which is very common for this age. But he was really enjoying playing with his favorite orange balloon.

     and catching soap bubbles.

     He liked playing on the swings as well.

     Vedant was scared of spiders and was happy and relieved when his dad saved him from them!

     Although he is a 4 year old boy, he loved it when his mom was carrying him home when he felt tired :)

Eagerly waiting to see this wonderful family again :) 

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